5.13 Mobile On/Off for Audits

The less data that needs to be synchronized on the mobile app, the faster the mobile applications will run. In order to maximize app performance, Nimonik allows you to choose which audits will be synchronized with the Mobile On/Off feature.

This can be done in two ways:

1.Audit by Audit

On the Audits page  you can set the audit’s Mobile On/Off status by clicking the checkmark under the “Mobile” column.

  • Audits with a checkmark will be available on the mobile app
  • Audits without a checkmark will only be available on the web

Please note, audits with outstanding corrective actions cannot have their mobile status set to off.

2. Based on Audit Completion Status

On the Account Summary page, Account admins can use the  “Automatically Remove Completed Audits  from Mobile One Week After Completion” check box. If this box is checked, all audits will automatically have their mobile status set to off one week after they are marked as complete, or one week after their last corrective action is closed.