2.14 Management Reports

Management Reports are only available to account administrators. They allow you to track trends and activity across your entire account by facility, user, date range, and much more. 

Currently, Nimonik offers the following management reports:

  • Internal Actions – Provides information about internal actions, including completion status.
  • Company Audit TemplateCompares the results from Audits that use the same Audit Template across the entire account.
  • Audit Template Item – Compares the performance of a specific Audit Item (question) across the entire account.
  • Corrective Actions by Audit Item – Shows information about the corrective actions issued for audit items in the account.
  • Corrective Actions – Provides information about corrective actions, including completion status.
  • Problematic Audit Items – Shows the audit items that are most often given a less than perfect score.
  • Audits by Facility – Compares the number of audit questions awarded each status at each facility.
  • CO New and Updated Document Actions – Provides information about document review actions, including action completion status.
  • CO New and Updated Document Actions by Facility – Compares the number of outstanding and completed New and Updated Document and Clause actions at each facility.
  • Document & Clause Assessment – Lists and provides information about all documents and clauses that have been assigned a particular status (selected by the user to generate the report).
  • All New and Updated Documents – Provides information about all new and updated documents, regardless of whether or not they are in your Compliance Obligations. Includes direct links to the legislation page of the listed document and the amending document.
    You can subscribe to receive a monthly email version of this report on the Edit My Information page.
  • User Activity Logs – A complete list of changes made to the account. Includes date, time, and user that made the change.

All managements can be exported in Excel and CSV format. To generate an export, simply click on the blue button corresponding to your desired file type. 

The export will then be sent to you by email.

Overview of certain Management Reports