3.3.18 Manage Multiple Choice Custom Fields 

Multiple choice custom fields allow users to choose from a set of preset options.

Create a Multiple Choice Custom Field

Account administrators can set up multiple choice custom fields by following the steps below.

Create a new custom field on the directory page and select the Multiple Choice type. 

Click the “Add” button in the “Options” section that appears at the bottom of the page

A text field will appear where you can enter an option that users can choose when populating the custom field. 

Continue clicking “Add” to add more options

Once you have entered all of your desired options, click save to create the custom field. 

Edit Multiple Choice Custom Fields

To edit a multiple choice custom field, go to the directory page and click on its title. 

On the resulting page, you will be able to edit the title and description of the custom field, as well as the preset options as follows:

Click “Add” to add a new option

Use the X icon to delete an existing option

Please note that any custom fields that were showing the deleted option will be returned to a blank state

Update the content of an existing option by typing in its text field. 

Please note that any custom fields that were showing the updated option will be updated to show the adjusted text

When you have finished, click save to apply your changes.