2.12 User Logs

Logs: Tracking Activity in Your Account

The logs can be used to see what changes other users have made to the elements of your account to which you have access.

  • A Company Administrator can see everything.
  • A General User can see what they have access to.

To see the logs of changes in your account:

  • Click on Report at the top of your screen.
  • Select Logs.

Logs: What Gets Tracked

We log most account activity, including:

  • Compliance Obligations Items reviewed
  • Compliance Obligations Items that are modified, added or deleted
  • All Corrective Actions that are issued, closed or modified
  • All Obligations, Recurring Obligations or Government Reports completed.

We do not track deleted Compliance Obligations, downloaded Compliance Obligations, Reports generated or viewing of content on the site.

For more thorough logs of user activity,  please contact support@nimonik.com with a specific request.