4.2.6 Internal Actions Management Report

Report Functionality

The Internal Actions Management Report helps Account Administrators keep track of all the Internal Actions that were issued in their account.

This report contains the following  information:

  • Facility – The Facility where Internal Action was issued
  • Item – The task associated with the Internal Action  (With a clickable link to the Internal Action)
  • Type –  The Type of Internal Action
    • Compliance Obligation
    • CLCO (Clause Level Compliance Obligation)
    • Independent
    • Audit Template
  • Responsible Party –  The User or Team responsible for closing the Internal Action
  • Due Date – Internal Action due date
  • Closure Date – Internal Action Closure Date

Exports of this report will also include the custom fields associated with the included actions

You can filter this report by Facilities, Tags, Facility Equipment, Responsible Party, Dates, Internal Action Type,  and Internal Action Completion Statuses

Due Date Column Colour Legend

Green – Closed on time
Blue – Upcoming
Yellow – Was closed late
Red – Is overdue