5.21 Important dates for audits

Nimonik records four important dates for each of your audits.

  • Creation Date – The date the audit is created from a template or an internal action.
  • Audit Date – The date of the audit selected by the user on the audit start page. This date can be modified at any time on the editing page.
  • Completion Date – The date the auditor clicked “Complete” to complete the audit.
    If the audit is reopened, this date will be erased and the next time the user clicks “Complete”, the new date will be recorded.
  • Final Corrective Action Closure Date – The date on which the last outstanding corrective action in the audit was closed. If there are outstanding corrective actions, or if no corrective action has been issued for the audit, this date will be blank.

These dates will appear on the audit page, at the top of each individual audit page, and in the audit reports.

In addition to the four dates above, you can use custom fields to add custom dates to your audits. Click here to find out how.