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How does Nimonik deliver information about regulatory changes?

Depending on the services that you subscribed to, Nimonik will deliver information to you about two types of regulatory changes: proposed and final.

Proposed changes show what the governmental or other authority proposes to do. Usually proposed changes include the details of those changes, but sometimes the proposal may be more general; for example, the government may announce that it is going to reform all of its worker safety laws.

Final changes state conclusively what the governmental or other authority has done or will do.

While you will receive access to information about final changes as a core service, you will only receive access to information about proposed changes as an additional purchased service, and this is only available in select jurisdictions.

You can learn about proposed changes via the New and Changed Documents Report

Lists and short summaries of proposed changes appear in the New and Changed Documents Report.
Nimonik will tell you about proposed changes that are newsworthy. “Newsworthy” changes are those that Nimonik’s regulatory experts have judged to be of interest to a variety of industries or to be particularly significant within a given industry.
If your jurisdiction of interest is one that proposes changes to primary legislation (e.g. acts) by means of bills that must pass multiple readings by the legislative branch of government, Nimonik will usually tell you about those proposed changes when they have passed second reading.

You can learn about final changes via your Actions page and other sources

The compliance obligations that you create in NimonikApp work as a list of documents (e.g., legislation) for which you want to be notified when the governmental or other authority has announced final changes. Nimonik only sends actions or notifications to you about final changes that affect content in your compliance obligations, so it is important that you put in your compliance obligations every document for which you want notifications of final changes.

When a final change is announced to a document, Nimonik sends out a notification; you will receive the notification (in your Actions page and also via other sources such as email) if you have that document in your compliance obligations. You can then review the change to see if it affects your operations.

There are a few different types of actions that tell you about final changes:

  • Doc. Update actions tell you about amendments and repeals to documents that you’re already tracking.
  • New Document actions tell you about new documents that you might want to add to your compliance obligations because the new documents match the characteristics (e.g., jurisdiction, industry sector) of your compliance obligations.
  • New Section and Updated Section actions tell you about changes to sections in your clause-level compliance obligations.

You can also see past regulatory changes to a document by looking at that document in the Legislation Page. You may see a list of recent changes to the document and/or a list of recent notifications of, depending on the availability of that information.

While Nimonik will notify you about changes to any documents that are already in your compliance obligations, as well as new environmental or health and safety (EHS) legislation that you might be interested in, at this time Nimonik will not notify you about new legislation that is not EHS-related (for example, that is related to public safety or taxation), and in most jurisdictions Nimonik will not notify you about new EHS-related documents that are not legislation (for example, that are guidelines, policies, or standards) as part of Nimonik’s standard services. If you wish, you may request that these documents be added as a custom service on a per-document basis.

The information that you will receive about final changes will vary depending on the significance of the changes

Nimonik tells customers about final changes that do any of the following:

  • Make final changes that directly affect content that is already in Nimonik’s legislation database, in a way that could affect customers’ obligations;
  • Replace content that is already in Nimonik’s legislation database with other content; or
  • Create new EHS-related legislation.

However, the level of detail that Nimonik provides depends on the type of change:

  • If the final change can be expected to make a material change to Nimonik’s customers’ obligations, Nimonik will issue a notification.
    • If that change is EHS-related, in most cases the notification will include an analysis of the changes.
    • If the change is not EHS-related, the notification will only include basic details such as an effective date and a link to the announcement of the change.
  • If the final change is not expected to make a material change to Nimonik’s customers’ obligations, Nimonik will not issue a notification. This will ensure that you can direct your attention to the changes that could affect you directly.
  • If no customers had the affected document in their compliance obligations at the time that the change was announced, Nimonik will not publish an analysis of the change; however, you can still view a record of the change on the Legislation page later.

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