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Nimonik Help Pages Index

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1 Overview All
1.1 Nimonik Best Practices Administrators
1.2 General Overview of Nimonik Platform and Comprehensive Compliance Program All
1.3 Glossary of Terms All
1.4 Application Release Notes All https://nimonik.com/release-notes/
1.5 Contact Information All https://nimonik.com/contact-us/
1.6 Index of Help Pages All
1.7 API Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/1-7api/
2 Account Management Administrators
2.1 Subscription Settings Administrators
2.2 User Management Administrators
2.2.1 Transfer User Permission Administrators
2.3 Invite New Users Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/invite-users/
2.4 Reset your Password Administrators
2.5 Sharing Account Items All
2.6 Manage User Teams Administrators
2.7 Setup of Single Sign On Administrators
2.8 Logon with Single Sign On All
2.9 Tags Management Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/tags/
2.1 Risk Matrix Management Administrators
2.11 Delete Your Company Account Administrators
2.12 User Logs Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/logs/
2.13 User Email Settings All
2.14 Management Reports Administrators
2.15 Color coding on due dates in reports Administrators
2.16 Custom Fields Directory Administrators
2.17 Reorder Custom Fields in your Account Administrators
3 Obligations All
3.1.1 Library and Document Meta-Data All https://nimonik.com/help/library/
3.1.2 Topics All https://nimonik.com/help/topics/
3.1.3 Document Page All
3.1.4 History of Changes on Documents All
3.1.5 Document Level Red-Line Comparison All
3.1.6 Download PDF of Document All
3.1.7 Update Process for Documents in Library All
3.1.8 Update Frequency for Documents and Clauses All
3.2 Internal Obligations All
3.2.1 Add an Internal Document to the Library All
3.3 Compliance Obligations Register Overview All
3.3.1 Compliance Obligations by Facility All
3.3.2 Compliance Obligations Management All
3.3.3 Compliance Obligations Register Page All
3.3.4 Clause Level Compliance Obligations Page All
3.3.5 Create a New Compliance Obligations Register All
3.3.6 Select the Appropriate Settings for your Compliance Obligations All
3.3.7 Add/Delete Documents from Compliance Obligations list All
3.3.8 Edit Document information in your Compliance Obligations Register All
3.3.9 Compliance Obligations Item Assessment All
3.3.10 Assign Responsible Party for Compliance Obligations All
3.3.11 Duplicate Compliance Obligations Documents All
3.3.12 Connected Compliance Obligations Documents All
3.3.13 Use Connected Compliance Obligations to Manage New Documents All
3.3.14 Connected Clause Level Compliance Obligations All
3.3.15 Internal Actions for Compliance Obligations All
3.3.16 Populate Custom Fields in your Compliance Obligations All
3.3.17 Use Directory Custom Fields to Personalize your Compliance Obligations All
3.3.18 Manage Multiple Choice Custom Fields Administrators
3.3.19 Connected Custom Fields All
3.3.20 Assign Risk to your Compliance Obligations – Documents and Clauses All
3.3.21 Export Compliance Obligations Data from your Account Administrators
3.3.22 Track Clauses for Changes All https://nimonik.com/help/track-clauses/
3.3.23 Assessment History and External Actions All
3.3.24 External Actions for COs and CLCOs All
3.3.25 Change Compliance Obligation Assessment Options Administrators
3.3.26 Management Report – Document and Clause Assessment Report Administrators
3.3.27 All New and Updated Documents Management Report Administrators
3.3.28 How Compliance Obligations are Ordered All
3.3.29 Manage System Fields Administrators
4 Actions All
4.1 Internal Actions All
4.1.1 Independent Internal Actions All
4.1.2 Create Internal Actions for Connected Documents and Clauses Administrators
4.2 External Actions All
4.2.1 Bulk Close External Actions for Documents and CLCOs All
4.2.2 CO New and Updated Document Actions Management Report Administrators
4.2.3 CO New and Updated Document Actions by Facility Management Report Administrators
4.2.4 Corrective Actions Management Report Administrators
4.2.5 Corrective Actions by Audit Item Management Report Administrators
4.2.6 Internal Actions Management Report Administrators
5 Audits All https://nimonik.com/help/audits-overview/
5.1 Audits Page All https://nimonik.com/help/the-audits-page/
5.2 Audit Templates All
5.3 Create an Audit Template and Upload to Nimonik Administrators
5.4 Audit Template Creation CSV Upload Issues Administrators
5.5 Jump Questions Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/jump-questions/
5.6 Edit Company Templates Administrators
5.7 Schedule Audits with Internal Actions All
5.8 Create and Complete an Audit from an Audit Template All
5.9 Create an Audit from CLCOs All
5.1 Single Audit Reports All https://nimonik.com/help/audit-reports/
5.11 Corrective Actions and Effectiveness Assessments All
5.12 Audit Scores All
5.13 Mobile On/Off for Audits Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/mobile-on-off/
5.14 Export Audit Data from your Account Administrators
5.15 Tags on Audits and Audit Templates All
5.16 Problematic Audit Items Management Report Administrators
5.17 Company Audit Template Management Report Administrators
5.18 Audit Template Item Management Report Administrators
5.19 Audits by Facility Management Report Administrators
5.20 Use Custom Fields to Personalize your Audits All?
5.21 Important Audit Dates All
6 Facilities All
6.1 Facilities Overview All https://nimonik.com/help/facilities/
6.2 Merge Facilities Administrators https://nimonik.com/help/merge-facilities/
6.3 Facility Administrators All
6.4 Tagging Facilities All https://nimonik.com/help/tagging-facilities/
7 Mobile Application All
7.1 Download the Mobile Application All
7.2 Login to the Mobile Application All
7.3 Create an Audit on the Mobile App All
7.4 How to synchronize your data from Mobile to Nimonik All https://nimonik.com/help/synchronization/
7.5 Add Equipment on Mobile Application All
7.6 Scan Bar and QR Codes on Mobile Application All
7.7 Send Logs of Mobile Application All https://nimonik.com/help/send-logs/
7.80 iOS All
7.8.1 Data Recovery on iOS All
7.8.2 Turn off iCloud Backups All
7.8.3 Force upload or force download your data on iOS All
7.9 Select a Server on the Mobile App All
8 Facility Equipment All
8.1 Associate Facility Equipment to Audits, Audit Items, Internal Actions All