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1.6 Help Pages Index

Nimonik Help Pages Index

NumberTitleApplicable toLink
1.1Nimonik Best PracticesAdministrators
1.2General Overview of Nimonik Platform and Comprehensive Compliance ProgramAll
1.3Glossary of TermsAll
1.4Application Release NotesAllhttps://nimonik.com/release-notes/
1.5Contact InformationAllhttps://nimonik.com/contact-us/
1.6Index of Help PagesAll
2Account ManagementAdministrators
2.1Subscription SettingsAdministrators
2.2User ManagementAdministrators
2.2.1Transfer User PermissionAdministrators
2.3Invite New UsersAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/invite-users/
2.4Reset your PasswordAdministrators
2.5Sharing Account ItemsAll
2.6Manage User TeamsAdministrators
2.7Setup of Single Sign OnAdministrators
2.8Logon with Single Sign OnAll
2.9Tags ManagementAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/tags/
2.1Risk Matrix ManagementAdministrators
2.11Delete Your Company AccountAdministrators
2.12User LogsAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/logs/
2.13User Email SettingsAll
2.14Management ReportsAdministrators
2.15Color coding on due dates in reportsAdministrators
2.16Custom Fields DirectoryAdministrators
2.17Reorder Custom Fields in your AccountAdministrators
3.1.1Library and Document Meta-DataAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/library/
3.1.3Document PageAll
3.1.4History of Changes on DocumentsAll
3.1.5Document Level Red-Line ComparisonAll
3.1.6Download PDF of DocumentAll
3.1.7Update Process for Documents in LibraryAll
3.1.8Update Frequency for Documents and ClausesAll
3.2Internal ObligationsAll
3.2.1Add an Internal Document to the LibraryAll
3.3Compliance Obligations Register OverviewAll
3.3.1Compliance Obligations by FacilityAll
3.3.2Compliance Obligations ManagementAll
3.3.3Compliance Obligations Register PageAll
3.3.4Clause Level Compliance Obligations PageAll
3.3.5Create a New Compliance Obligations RegisterAll
3.3.6Select the Appropriate Settings for your Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.7Add/Delete Documents from Compliance Obligations listAll
3.3.8Edit Document information in your Compliance Obligations RegisterAll
3.3.9Compliance Obligations Item AssessmentAll
3.3.10Assign Responsible Party for Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.11Duplicate Compliance Obligations DocumentsAll
3.3.12Connected Compliance Obligations DocumentsAll
3.3.13Use Connected Compliance Obligations to Manage New DocumentsAll
3.3.14Connected Clause Level Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.15Internal Actions for Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.16Populate Custom Fields in your Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.17Use Directory Custom Fields to Personalize your Compliance ObligationsAll
3.3.18Manage Multiple Choice Custom FieldsAdministrators
3.3.19Connected Custom FieldsAll
3.3.20Assign Risk to your Compliance Obligations – Documents and ClausesAll
3.3.21Export Compliance Obligations Data from your AccountAdministrators
3.3.22Track Clauses for ChangesAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/track-clauses/
3.3.23Assessment History and External ActionsAll
3.3.24External Actions for COs and CLCOsAll
3.3.25Change Compliance Obligation Assessment OptionsAdministrators
3.3.26Management Report – Document and Clause Assessment ReportAdministrators
3.3.27Library Updates ReportAdministrators
3.3.28How Compliance Obligations are OrderedAll
3.3.29Manage System FieldsAdministrators
4.1Internal ActionsAll
4.1.1Independent Internal ActionsAll
4.1.2Create Internal Actions for Connected Documents and ClausesAdministrators
4.2External ActionsAll
4.2.1Bulk Close External Actions for Documents and CLCOsAll
4.2.2CO New and Updated Document Actions Management ReportAdministrators
4.2.3CO New and Updated Document Actions by Facility Management ReportAdministrators
4.2.4Corrective Actions Management ReportAdministrators
4.2.5Corrective Actions by Audit Item Management ReportAdministrators
4.2.6Internal Actions Management ReportAdministrators
5.1Audits PageAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/the-audits-page/
5.2Audit TemplatesAll
5.3Create an Audit Template and Upload to NimonikAdministrators
5.4Audit Template Creation CSV Upload IssuesAdministrators
5.5Jump QuestionsAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/jump-questions/
5.6Edit Company TemplatesAdministrators
5.7Schedule Audits with Internal ActionsAll
5.8Create and Complete an Audit from an Audit TemplateAll
5.9Create an Audit from CLCOsAll
5.1Single Audit ReportsAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/audit-reports/
5.11Corrective Actions and Effectiveness AssessmentsAll
5.12Audit ScoresAll
5.13Mobile On/Off for AuditsAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/mobile-on-off/
5.14Export Audit Data from your AccountAdministrators
5.15Tags on Audits and Audit TemplatesAll
5.16Problematic Audit Items Management ReportAdministrators
5.17Company Audit Template Management ReportAdministrators
5.18Audit Template Item Management ReportAdministrators
5.19Audits by Facility Management ReportAdministrators
5.20Use Custom Fields to Personalize your AuditsAll?
5.21Important Audit DatesAll
6.1Facilities OverviewAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/facilities/
6.2Merge FacilitiesAdministratorshttps://nimonik.com/help/merge-facilities/
6.3Facility AdministratorsAll
6.4Tagging FacilitiesAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/tagging-facilities/
7Mobile ApplicationAll
7.1Download the Mobile ApplicationAll
7.2Login to the Mobile ApplicationAll
7.3Create an Audit on the Mobile AppAll
7.4How to synchronize your data from Mobile to NimonikAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/synchronization/
7.5Add Equipment on Mobile ApplicationAll
7.6Scan Bar and QR Codes on Mobile ApplicationAll
7.7Send Logs of Mobile ApplicationAllhttps://nimonik.com/help/send-logs/
7.8.1Data Recovery on iOSAll
7.8.2Turn off iCloud BackupsAll
7.8.3Force upload or force download your data on iOSAll
7.9Select a Server on the Mobile AppAll
8Facility EquipmentAll
8.1Associate Facility Equipment to Audits, Audit Items, Internal ActionsAll