1.2 General Overview of Nimonik Platform and Comprehensive Compliance Program

The Nimonik Platform

Companies that take advantage of Nimonik will be more confident that they can meet their obligations in the presence of changing regulations, standards, and internal policies.

This will result in better outcomes such as: less surprises, reduced risk, and increased stakeholder trust.

There are three primary capabilities that work together to help you achieve these outcomes:

  1. Obligations
  2. Actions
  3. Audits

An overview of how these support each other is presented in the next module.

Obligations, Actions, and Audits

Nimonik’s comprehensive approach to compliance starts with managing your obligations.

This will include capturing all of your requirements and commitments across:

  • Obligations sources:  regulatory, standards, contracts, permits, stakeholders, customers,…
  • Compliance areas : environmental, safety, hr, ohs, product,…

These obligations give rise to actions to be performed to meet each obligation and contend with risk.

This is then followed by audits to verify that actions have been completed and obligations have been met

Organizations can build their processes around these pillars to provide assurance of their compliance.

Compliance Processes

Nimonik supports modern management standards designed to improve compliance.  These standards require organizations to establish managed processes that will include:

  1. Identifying applicable obligations
  2. Finding / Viewing Obligations
  3. Assessing compliance status and risk
  4. Updating Obligation Data
  5. Tracking Obligations
  6. Processing Regulatory Change
  7. Conducting Audits
  8. Reporting

Product Outline

Comprehensive Compliance Program

Corporate Overview