Facilities in NimonikApp represent physical locations you manage. Can be used as folders, to contain and organize all of the audits, compliance obligations, and other account items.

Create your First Facility

Before creating any audits or compliance obligations, you must first create a facility. To do so, simply go to nimonikapp.com and click “Add a Facility”. Give your facility a name, and enter all of the relevant information about your facility in the space provided. You can also choose facility administrators, and grant access to general users on this page. Once you are ready,  click save to create your facility.

Get the Most out of your Facilities

Facilities can be used as filters in various parts of the site, including in reporting and tasks. As such, you may want to use them to represent different physical locations, or branches of your operations.

 Facilities and the account elements within them can also be grouped using tags. For more information on tags, click here.


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