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2.13 User Email Settings

Email Settings : How to Change your Email Settings

To change the emails you receive:

Click on More menu in the top-right corner and select “Settings”

Go to “My Profile” in the right hand menu.

Make the desired changes to your subscription using the checkboxes, and click “Update” to apply the changes.

Please note that certain emails, such as those that are sent when you are designated the responsible party for a document or action, cannot be unsubscribed from.

Emails: What We Send

Email Sent Filter Frequency
External Actions page by User Responsibility (account Administrators receive all Actions) Monday at 2PM EST
Internal Actions Page  by User Responsibility (account Administrators receive all Actions) Monday at 2PM EST
Responsibility for a CO Document or CLCO by Document or CLCO When a user is made responsible for a document or clause, they receive an email
New and Changed Documents by Company Sectors, Jurisdictions, Legislation Type 3rd week of the month
Internal Actions by User responsibility The receiver receives an email when action is issued. The issuer of the email receives and email when the action is completed.
Marketing Emails None Every month
Corrective Actions Reminders by User responsibility 7 Days before, Day of and Every 7 days after due date
Corrective Action by User responsibility Email sent on assignment and email sent to issuer of action when it is completed
Account Renewal Reminders Account Owner 90 days, 60 days, 30 days before renewal date of the account

General Overview of New and Changed Documents Email