3.3.8 Edit Document information in your Compliance Obligations List

Each document in your Compliance Obligations Register has a number of properties that can be edited. These include 

  • Category – Determines where a document will appear in the compliance obligations
  • Sub-Category – Determines where a document will appear within its grouping
  • Assessment – The compliance status of the document chosen by the responsible person
  • Responsible Person – The person responsible for monitoring the document.
  • Notes – An additional text field that is available for all documents
  • Custom Fields – Additional text fields added by your team such as:
    • Dates,
    • People/Teams
    • Notes (control measures, procedures,…)
    • Risk Calculator

General Video Overview

Editing one or multiple documents:

  • Select the document you wish to edit by clicking on the checkbox on its left. You can also select multiple documents to do a bulk edit.

  • Go to the top of the page and  click on “Edit Selected


  • This will cause a modal to appear that will allow you to edit the following:
    • Category
    • Sub-Category
    • Responsible Party
    • Assessment
    • Track/Untrack
    • Notes
    • Custom Fields 

Please note that for any fields that you do not edit, no changes will be made to the selected documents. For any fields that you do edit, the changes will be applied to all selected documents.

  • Once you have finished, click Apply. The changes will then be applied to all the selected documents.