3.3.26 Document & Clause Assessment Report

Report Functionality

The Document & Clause Assessment Report allows Account Administrators to see information about the first 100 documents and 100 clauses that have been assigned a particular Assessment.

This report contains the following  information:

  • Compliance Obligations – Compliance Obligation Registers where the documents/clauses are located
  • Document – The document that has been assessed  
    • Links directly to the document’s page
  • Jurisdiction
  • Clause number – The identifier of the specific clause that has been assessed
    • Links directly to the clause
  • Responsible Party – User/ Team that is responsible for tracking the document/clause
  • Modified Date -The date of the most recent change made to the document/clause by the issuing body.
  • Assessment – The assessment that has been assigned to the document by your team

To use this report, start by selecting Assessment Option by clicking on the field, next to “Assessment”.

You will then be able to filter the report by Assessment, Compliance Obligations, Jurisdiction, document, Responsible Party, Facility, and Tags.

General Overview of Compliance Obligations Management Reports

Export this report to CSV or Excel if you would like to see the complete list of documents.