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Create Compliance Obligations

Compliance obligations are lists of documents that you wish to assess for applicability and compliance at your operations. This includes External Documents (regulations, standards,…) and Internal Documents (Policies, procedures, permits, stakeholder engagements,…).

To create a new set of compliance obligations, follow the steps below;

From either the compliance obligations page, or the compliance obligations section of an individual facility, click “Add Compliance Obligations”

Give your new compliance obligations a title, and select he facilities that they should be shared with. Please note that the compliance obligations will be shared, and not copied, to all of the facilities that you select.

Next, select the Jurisdictions, Industrial Sectors, Document Types, Legislation Statuses, and Topics that you would like to include. This will determine the documents that can be added to your compliance obligations right away, as well as the new documents that you will receive notifications about in the future. 

Once you have made your selections, you can designate a responsible person, grant access to general users, determine the order in which documents will appear, and subscribe to receive notifications about new documents that fit the parameters that you set above.

You will also have the opportunity to add custom fields at this stage. To do so, simply click the “Add a Custom Field” button, and enter the title of your custom field. Once you have created a custom field, it will be added to all documents and clauses in the compliance obligations. 

Once you have finished setting up your compliance obligations settings, click Add Documents to complete it.

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