5.9 Create Audits from Compliance Obligations

Nimonik allows you to create audits from your compliance obligations. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Select the documents with CLCOs that you would like to include in your audit with the checkbox on the left hand side of the Compliance Obligations List.

Please note, only documents with enabled CLCOs can be audited.

Click “Create Audit”


On the resulting page, you can give your audit a name, and choose the facility, auditor, tags, and date as you can for any normal audit. You will also be able to select which clauses you would like to include based on:

  • Clause Type – You can choose to include the questions associated with all tracked clauses or just those associated with Obligations
  • Assessment – You can choose to include only the clauses associated with tracked clauses that were given specific assessments

Please note, no matter what you choose, only clauses associated with tracked clauses will be included in your audit.

Finally, you can confirm your selection.

Please note, in the picture above, Canada Labour Code and Canada Consumer Product Safety Act were both excluded. This is because the clauses of the Canada Labour Codes were not enabled, and the Product Safety Act is not available at the clause level.

Once you are ready, click Save to create your audit. The questions will be created as follows:

  • Category: Leg. Ref. – Category Header – Item Header
  • Item Name: Clause # – Document Title
  • Obligation: Complete Thought
  • Guidance: Blank
  • Reference: Assessment in CLCO
  • Risk Assessment: 100