3.3.2 Manage Compliance Obligations | Nimonik - Comprehensive Compliance Program - EHS, Risk, GRC, IRM, ISO

3.3.2 Manage Compliance Obligations

General Overview

Creating Compliance Obligations

Compliance Obligations are lists of laws, regulations, codes, standards and other requirements that are applicable to your operations and that you wish to monitor for changes. To build a legal register, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Facilities Page
  • Click on the facility you wish to add your Compliance Obligations to.
  • Click on Compliance Obligations, to view the registers that were created for that facility.

  • Click on “Create Compliance Obligations”, to create a new register.

  • On the resulting page, select the appropriate settings. Click here to learn how to choose the appropriate settings for your Compliance Obligations.
  • You can now add documents to your Compliance Obligation. Click here to learn how.

Uploading Compliance Obligations via CSV or Excel File

Your register needs to be formatted very specifically. We suggest you contact us for help at support@nimonik.com and we will be happy to assist.

Add Custom Fields to your Compliance Obligations

You can create fields that can be used to enter additional information about the legal documents in your compliance obligations. To do this:

  • Go to the edit page of your compliance obligations
  • Click on “Add a Custom Field”

  • In the resulting modal:
  • Enter a Title for the custom field
  • Add a description if needed
  • Use the dropdown menu to select the type of custom field you wish to add. A custom field can be either a person/team, a date, a text field, or a risk calculator

  • Click save

Once you have created a custom field, it will be visible on all the documents in that Compliance Obligation. To add text to a custom field:

  • Click on the … or on the current data in the custom field column for a document or a clause

  • Enter the appropriate information in your custom field.
  • Click save

Select a Sorting Order for your Compliance Obligations

You can now choose to display your compliance obligations either alphabetically, or by legal reference. To do this:

  • Go to the edit page of your compliance obligations
  • Scroll down to the “Sort by” options
  • Check the box next to your preferred sorting order
  • Click save.