4.2.5 Corrective Actions by Audit Item Management Report

Report Functionality

The Corrective Actions by Audit Item Management Report allow the Account Administrators to see information about the corrective actions issued for the first 150 audit items in their account. This allows you to view corrective actions based on specific audit items and determine if the actions have been closed. This can be helpful when ensuring that follow-up and completion is being done at your various facilities.

Export this report if you would like to see the complete list of audit items.

This report contains the following  information:

  • Facility – The Facility where the Audit was conducted
  • Audit – The Audit for which the corrective action was issued
  • Item – The Audit Item for which the corrective action was issued
  • Assessment – Assessment that was given to the audit item
  • Outstanding Corrective Actions
  • Overdue Corrective Actions
  • Closed Corrective Actions – Corrective Actions that were completed
  • All Corrective Actions – The total number of Corrective Actions for the Audit item at the selected Facility. (Including Outstanding, Overdue, and Closed Corrective Actions)
  • Effectiveness Assessment – The number of Effectiveness Assessments associated with the Audit Item, at the selected Facility.

You can filter the report by Audits, Facilities, Tags, Facility Equipment, Audit Start Date, Audit Completion Statuses, and Audit Item Assessments. You can also include Audit Items without Corrective Actions by clicking on the checkbox, next to the “Include Audit Items Without Corrective Actions” option.

You can export this report to CSV and Excel.