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Connected Custom Fields

Connected Custom Fields allow you to add an extra field of text that is shared between parent and child documents. To create them,

  • Go to the edit page of your compliance obligations
  • Scroll down and click “Add a Connected Custom Field”

  • Enter the title that you would like to give your connected custom field
  • Add any additional connected custom fields that you require
  • Click Save

This will add an additional custom field to all connected documents. 

To populate connected custom fields, 

  • Click on the three dots in the corresponding column

  • Enter you text

  • Click save

The text that you have entered will be visible on all of the child copies of the document, but can only be edited in the parent. 

If you would like to edit it,

  • Click on the text that currently appears in the custom field
  • Click the edit icon
  • Make your changes
  • Click save

The changes will be applied to the parent and all of the children.

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