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Connected Compliance Obligations

Connected compliance obligations allow you not only to copy documents from one CO to another, but to maintain a parent-child relationship between them. When documents are connected from a Parent to a Child CO: 

  • Any text entered into the connected custom fields of the Parent will be visible in the Child.
  • If applicable, notes from the parent documents will be transferred. 
  • As long as a connected document remains in the Child, it will receive all of the same Nimonik issued document and clause update actions as the parent. These actions should be completed by the responsible person in the Child.

To connect documents:

  • Open the CO that you would like to make the parent
  • Click Select Documents
  • Select the documents
  • Click Connect.

  • Choose the CO that you would like to connect the documents to (this will be the child) 
  • Indicate whether you would like to copy the notes and status that appear on the documents in the parent

Please note, copying the notes and status will only copy the notes and status that are present at the time of connection. Any changes made after the connection will not affect the child. 

  • Click Connect 

Once you click connect, a copy of each selected document will be added to the child CO.

To connect documents at the clause level see Connected Clause Level Compliance Obligations

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