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Templegate Newsletter (CERCN & EHSRA) to Nimonik Newsletter Transition

Background Information

In June 2023, Nimonik announced the acquisition of the Templegate and its publications: EHS Regulatory Alert (EHSRA) and Canadian Environmental Regulation & Compliance News (CERCN).

The team at Nimonik is excited to offer its modern platform to over 200 Templegate customers and the broader market in Ontario and Canada. Nimonik covers over 550,000 regulations worldwide in over 600 jurisdictions. Templegate customers can gain access to regulatory data across Canada, the United States and internationally.

Transition Plan

Our Team has created Nimonik accounts for all Templegate Subscribers. All contacts should now have access to their company’s Nimonik account. If you have not received your account credentials, have not received an invitation link, or otherwise do not have access, please email support@nimonik.com.

The transition will be complete by January 31, 2024, when the final Templegate EHS Regulatory Alert (EHSRA) and Canadian Environmental Regulation & Compliance News (CERCN) publications will be sent out.

Moving forward, there will be two options to receive/view Nimonik’s newsletter, called the “Library Updates” Report.

  1. On the 3rd week of every month, you will be emailed a link to download Nimonik’s newsletter, called the “Library Updates”. You do not need to sign in to download this PDF.
  2. You can sign in to your Nimonik account, generate a newsletter report at any time, and download that report.

After January 31, 2024, the only way to receive and access your newsletter service is by the above options.

Newsletter Settings for Individual Users

Each user can set their own individual preferences for what is in their newsletter. You can set,

  • Change types
  • Jurisdictions
  • Topics
  • The Language of the Newsletter

Visit “Edit my Profile” page. Click “Update” button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.


Sign in to Nimonik to Generate a Newsletter

To generate the “Library Updates” Report (Nimonik’s Newsletter), click “Compliance Library” in the top menu, then click “Library Updates” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, click here to visit the Library Updates Report.


Once the “Library Updates” Report loads, you can add your desired filters and click the “Generate Report” button to populate this report with data. For more information on how to use these filters, see the support page “Library Updates Report” here.

To view the “Library Updates” Report in an easier-to-read PDF format,

  • Click the “Export to PDF” button
  • Download a PDF by clicking “Download Report”

Nimonik vs. Templegate

Explore our intuitive grid view to easily compare the differences and benefits between the Nimonik and Templegate newsletters.


Additional Information about the Transition from Templegate Publications to the Nimonik Platform
  • Add “subscription@nimonik.com” to your email contact list to ensure our emails are not flagged as spam.
  • You no longer need to email or call anyone to add or remove users. In other words, you can manage your own users moving forward. See this support page for more information on how to invite new users to your Nimonik account and how to manage your users.
  • You can have unlimited user access if you switch to Nimonik’s pricing model.
  • You can request to have jurisdictions added or removed from your account.
  • Your subscription includes access to Nimonik’s Compliance Library.
  • Your subscription includes access to a Custom Library feature.
  • Until April 2024, Templegate customers have free access to other Nimonik solutions, including Compliance Obligations Registers and Audits.
Future Improvements 

Newsletter Frequency Setting
Nimonik developers are working on a feature that will allow you to set the frequency of receiving the newsletter in your email through your Nimonik account settings.

Ongoing Newsletter Improvements
The newsletter is a work in progress with periodic improvements. We value your feedback—share your thoughts or concerns by emailing support@nimonik.com.

For help or a new invitation to join Nimonik, please email support@nimonik.com.

How does the newsletter in Nimonik work?

Watch the video below and visit our dedicated help page titled “Library Updates Report” for more information on how to access and use the Nimonik newsletter.

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