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3.3 Compliance Obligations Register Overview

Compliance obligations Registers are lists of documents that you wish to assess for applicability and compliance at your operations. This includes:

  • External Documents (regulations, standards,…) and
  • Internal Documents (Policies, procedures, permits, stakeholder engagements,…).

The Compliance Obligations module allows you to create lists of documents that you wish to follow, these are alternatively called legal registers or law lists. These lists should be organized based on your operations, your reporting structure, and the organization of your team.

You can then add meta-data to each document, this can include:

  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Responsible Party (person or team)
  • Notes
  • Custom Fields (dates, people, risk calculations, other meta-data)

When these documents change or the obligations within a specific document change, you will receive External Actions.

Obligations are the core of Nimonik, we offer assistance during implementation and on-boarding, contact support@nimonik.com for help.

To learn more about Compliance Obligation Registers, what they include, and how they work, consult: “Compliance Obligations Register Page “.

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