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Compliance Obligations Item Statuses

Nimonik - status change for Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Each item in your legal register can be set to a specific Status. By default, items are set to Un-assessed. You or your partner consultants can change the Status based on your operations. The statuses offered to you and their general definition are as follows:

  • Un-Assessed: Item has not been assessed at all.
  • Requires Review: Something at your operations has changed and the item should be reviewed by your team.
  • Applicable: The item has been deemed applicable to your operation.
  • Complying: You have conducted a compliance audit and you comply with this item’s requirements.
  • Non-Complying: You have conducted a compliance audit and you do not comply with the requirements of this item.

Each time you change the status, an entry is created in the Review History for that item. The Review History entry will include:

  • New Status
  • Date of Change
  • Time of Change
  • Person who made the change
  • Note left when change was made

The exportable Excel version of your Compliance Obligations will include the latest change and allow you to demonstrate assessment to regulators through the creation of a concordance table.

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