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(Coming Soon) External Actions for COs and CLCOs

Please note, this feature is not yet live. This page will be updated as work progresses. 

When documents and clauses in your compliance obligations are updated, external actions alert the responsible party. This article will show you how to:

  • Make sure that you are receiving the correct external actions
  • Complete the external external actions you receive

Determine which External Actions you Receive

There are four types of external actions:

  • New CO Document
  • New CLCO Clause
  • Updated CO Document
  • Updated CLCO Clause

The settings on the Edit pages of your compliance obligations determine which new documents will be automatically added to your compliance obligations. The settings can be updated at any time, and will not affect the update actions for documents you are tracking.

The Track column determines whether or not your documents and clauses receive updates.

Documents and causes with a check mark will receive update actions, while those with no check mark will not. You can change the track status of a document or clause by clicking on the track column indicator. You can also change track status for multiple documents or clauses by selecting and editing them. 

Closing External Actions

When a tracked document or clause receives an external action, a notification will appear next to the assessment history. If you open the assessment history, you will be able to see the action.

The action will include the following tools to help with your evaluation

  • Action Text: A description of why you have received the action (ex: new document, change to a document you are tracking, new or updated clause, etc.).
  • Link to Document Page (document actions only): This will let you visit the document page to find out more about the document that has been added or updated
  • Link to Amending Document (document update actions only): If an amending document exists, this link will appear and take you to its document page.
  • Compare Clauses (clause update actions only): This will allow you to do a red-line comparison between the current and previous version of the updated clause.

Once you have finished your review, use the text field to close the action. This will allow you to enter a note that will be entered into the assessment history. Please note that closing an action will not have any effect on the assessment status of the associated document or clause. 

The External Actions Page

While we recommend that responsible people use the CO page to close out their external actions, the  External Actions page offers account administrators an overview of all of the outstanding and completed external actions in their account. This page can be filtered by facility, responsible person, and action type. The external actions page allows you to see, and close any outstanding external action that you have access to.   

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