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5 Audits Overview

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General Overview

Audits are lists of questions created from templates or compliance obligations, that can be used to evaluate compliance on an item by item level at your facilities.

  • Assessment – For each audit question, an auditor can enter an assessment that corresponds to the questions level of conformity. The assessment will award a score to the question based on its risk value.
    • For more information on how audit score is calculated, click here.
  • Category – Customizable sections in audits that are used to group questions by area of interest.
  • Items – Audit items are the questions that make up an audit. For each audit item, the auditor can select an assessment enter findings, and attach supporting documentation. In addition to the Item field, which determines the title of the audit item, each audit item will also contain an obligation, risk assessment, guidance, and reference field.
  • Obligation – An audit Item’s obligation field provides a detailed description of the requirements for conformance.
  • Risk – The risk determines the relative weight of the audit item, and will be multiplied by the assessment value to produce a score.
  • Guidance – The guidance field of an audit item provides additional context for the auditor
  • Reference – The reference field of an audit item provides additional context for the auditor
  • Corrective Actions – Corrective actions are issued to correct for a finding that was identified during the audit-effectiveness Assessment
  • Effectiveness Assessments – allow you to determine if a corrective action resolved the root cause of an audit finding.
  • Mobile – The mobile column on the audits page indicates whether or not an audit is available on the mobile app.
  • Ongoing – Ongoing audits are audits that have been started, but have not yet been marked as complete by the auditor.
  • Complete – Complete audits have been signed off on by the auditor, and cannot be modified unless they are reopened.