8.1 Associate Facility Equipment to Audits, Audit Items, Internal Actions

Facility Equipment can be associated with three things:

An Audit

You can conduct an Audit and associate it to specific pieces of equipment, allowing you to demonstrate a regular inspection of the equipment. To do this, simply select the equipment from the drop-down menu when creating an Audit from a template.

An Audit Item

During an Audit you can associate a specific Audit Item to equipment, allowing you to identify problematic locations in your facility or equipment that might pose an environmental, health, safety or quality risk. To do this, simply begin typing the name of the equipment in the equipment search bar (below findings) and select it when it appears.

Internal Actions

This allows you to schedule validation or preventative maintenance inspections for your equipment. The tags will be carried over into the Audit when you start an Audit from an Internal Action.

Compliance Obligations (upcoming)

You will soon be able to assign Tags to Compliance Obligations. This will allow you to track specific requirements you have for certain pieces of equipment you have onsite.