5.18 Audit Template Item Management Report

The Audit Template Item management report compares the performance of a specific audit item in a specific audit template across the account.

Please note, to generate this report you must first select a company template and audit item  from the dropdown menus. 

The report contains the following columns:

  • Audit Start Date – The date that the audit item was evaluated
  • Times Audited – The number of times the audit item was evaluated on the audit start date
  • Assessment (colour coded) – The number of audit items assigned each of the 6 assessment options on the audit start date 
  • Average Score – The average score that the audit item received on the audit start date

This report can be filtered by:

  • Company Template
  • Audit Item
  • Auditor
  • Facility
  • Tags
  • Date
  • Freequency (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Status (ongoing or complete)
  • Mobile Status (on or off)

General Audit Management Report Video Overview