5.17 Company Audit Template Management Report

The Company Audit Template management report compares the results from audits created from the same company template. This report is particularly helpful to compare how various facilities are performing against a standardized Audit Template. It helps you benchmark your audit performance.

Please note, to generate this report you must first select a company template from the dropdown menu. 

The report contains the following columns:

  • Facility – The facility at which the audit was conducted
  • Audit – A link to the audit
  • Auditor – The user listed as the auditor
  • Date – The date of the audit
  • Status – Ongoing or complete
  • Score – The calculated score of the audit
  • Assessment (colour coded) – The total number of audit items assigned each of the 6 assessment options. 

This report can be filtered by:

  • Company Template
  • Auditor
  • Facility
  • Tags
  • Date
  • Status (ongoing or complete)
  • Mobile Status (on or off)

General Audit Management Report Video Overview