5.16 Problematic Audit Items Management Report

The report Problematic Audit Items management report tracks audit items from company templates that often receive low scores. Please recall that scores are a calculation of the risk or weight assigned to the audit item multiplied by the assessment value (red=0%, yellow = 50%, pink =- custom %). Items that are weighted more will have a higher severity.

The report contains the following columns:

  • Template – The company template that the audit item belongs to
  • Item – The audit Item name (links to the associated company template)
  • Times Audited – The total number of times that the audit item was assessed
  • Assessment (colour coded) – The total number of times that the audit item received each of the three sub-optimal assessment options. 

This report can be filtered by:

  • Company Template
  • Auditor
  • Facility
  • Tags
  • Date
  • Status (ongoing or complete)
  • Mobile Status (on or off)

General Audit Management Report Video Overview