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3.3.1 Compliance Obligations by Facility

The Compliance Obligation by Facility Page shows all the Compliance Obligation Registers that were created in the account. The Compliance Obligation Registers are sorted by Facility.

Please note:   General Users, Restricted Users and Teams, may not be able to see all the Compliance Obligation registers. WHat the see will depend on which account items were shared with them. To learn more about sharing account items please consult the Sharing Account Items Page.

You can create a new register by clicking “Create Compliance Obligations”. Click here to learn how to choose the right settings for your registers.

You can open a Compliance Obligation Register by clicking on its title.

Searching for Documents in Compliance Obligation Registers

The search bar at the top of the page will allow you to search for documents that are in your Compliance Obligation Registers.

To search for documents:


Enter a document’s full title, or part of its title in the search bar and click Search.

Please note: The search is case-sensitive. In some cases, users will find their documents quicker by searching for specific words in the title, instead of the full title.

You can search by keyword to find all the documents that contain this specific word in their title.

You can also use a document’s Leg. Ref. to search for it. However, the Leg. Ref. must be entered exactly as it would appear in the reference column on the Library Page.

For example: If a Leg. Ref. appears as SC2010.c.23, in the Reference Column, entering “SC-2010 c 23”, will not work.

Please note: Any search result shown on this page will only include documents that are already part of one or multiple Compliance Obligation Registers. If you wish to search for documents to add to your registers, you need to go to the Library Page.

To learn more about Compliance Obligations Registers, please consult the Compliance Obligations Section.