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Nimonik allows you to create audits from your compliance obligations instantly. To do so, simply follow the steps below. Select the documents that you would like to include in your audit. Please note, only documents with CLCOs can be audited. Click “Create Audit”   On the resulting page, you can give your audit a name, […]

Along with the thousands of external documents available in your account, Nimonik allows you to upload internal documents to the library. These internal documents will be unique to your account, but can be added to compliance obligations just like any external document. To add an internal document to the library, simply follow the steps below. […]

Create an Internal Action Internal actions allow you to create, assign, and schedule actions linked to specific Audit Templates in your account. To create an internal action: Go to the template that you would like to schedule an audit for and click “Schedule Audit”. Give your action a title, select a facility, responsible party, and […]

Independent Internal Actions Allow you to assign tasks with due dates that are not linked to any specific account element (COs, Audits, Etc.) to users and teams in your account.  To create an Independent Internal Action, go to the Internal Actions Page and click the Add Internal Action button.  Give your action a title, select a […]

The Track  column allows you to determine which clauses you would like to receive actions for.  When a clause is updated, the changes will be applied to your CLCOs regardless of tracking status. However, you will only receive a Clause Update Action from Nimonik if there is a checkmark in the Track column.  You can […]

When you create an internal action for a parent document or clause, you will have the option to duplicate that action for all of its children. If you check the “Duplicate Internal Action for Children” checkbox, a duplicate of the internal action will be created for each child. The responsible party will be the party […]

Depending on the Jurisdiction and Document Type, update frequency can vary for documents and clauses in your Compliance Obligations. Here is a breakdown of the frequency that you can expect for the documents in your compliance obligations: Document Level Updates Canadian & U.S. Federal Legislation – Every 2 weeks Canadian & U.S. Federal non-Legislation – […]

Connected Clause Level Compliance Obligations allow you to maintain a Parent-Child relationship at the clause level in your Connected Compliance Obligations. When documents are connected from a Parent to a Child CO, a connection will automatically be created at the clause level. However, the first time that you access your connected clauses in the Child […]

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