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The order in which documents appear in your Compliance Obligations is determined as follows: 1. Category Categories group documents together to provide the highest level of organization in your CO. They will appear alphabetically, from A to Z.  You can change documents categories either in bulk, by performing a bulk edit, or (Coming soon) individually, […]

Nimonik records four important dates for each of your audits.  Creation Date – The date on which the audit is started from a template or internal action Audit Date – The Audit date selected by the user on the audit start page. This date can be modified at any time on the edit page Completion […]

Please note, only Date and Text type custom fields are currently available for audits. User and Risk type custom fields will be added in the future. Custom fields allow you to add additional context and information to the various elements of your accounts.  Select Company Template Custom Fields Custom fields associated with an audit template […]

When signing into your account, or creating a new account on the mobile app, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct server, as you will not be able to log in on the wrong one.  To select your server, click on the server selector under the fields where you enter […]

Clause level Compliance Obligations allow users to assess each individual clause of a document for compliance and applicability. To activate a Document’s Clause Level, go to the Obligations column and click on “Enable”. Please note: Not all documents are available at the Clause Level. This feature will only appear if the Clause Level Compliance Obligations […]

Nimonik offers API integration for both audits and legislative data. If you would like to take advantage of our API options, contact us at

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