(ENG) New Auditing Interface for EHS & Q Inspections

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Over the past three years, Nimonik has worked hard to deliver the best and easiest to use audit tools. Today, we are thrilled to announce Version 3 of our Auditing interface. It is completely redesigned and rebuilt for 2015 with powerful and easy to use navigation. Some of the key features you will see on Beta.NimonikApp.com :

  • View your entire audit at once;
  • Easily see which items have outstanding corrective actions;
  • Loads 300% faster than previous version;
  • Quickly drag and drop media and files into your items;
  • Add a signature and secure your audit data; and
  • Quickly load more audit questions.

We really hope you enjoy this beta version of our auditing interface, we expect it to be rolled out to all users in July 2015. Here is a GIF animation to help you see what our tool can do for you!

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