New MHSM rules and rates

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Since 2008, Municipal Hazardous or Special Materials (MHSM) stewards must report on the type and quantity of certain designated materials they introduce into the Ontario marketplace, and accordingly pay fees to Stewardship Ontario. MHSM stewards are either the brand owner or first importer into Ontario of those products. The MHSW program plan targets all MHSW identified in Ontario Regulation 542/06. These include several corrosive, flammable or toxic products, hazards and wastes, as well as certain municipal special wastes (batteries, pressurized containers, aerosol containers, portable fire extinguishers, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides, and their containers in which they are contained, paints and coatings, and their containers, oil filters, fluorescent light bulbs or tubes, pharmaceuticals, sharps, switches that contain mercury, thermostats and other such measuring devices containing mercury, antifreeze and their containers, and solvents).