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Jordan Furlong at Law 21 has a great post on decoupling price from cost in legal services.  His argument: law firms have never been motivated to streamline the cost of their production because of a long tradition of simply passing costs on to the client. True enough, for decades that mentality has fueled the relentless […]

Industrial polluters — even those that comply with emissions regulations — can be found liable and forced to pay significant damages if their activities are  found to be a nuisance to nearby residents. This week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that St. Lawrence Cement (SLC), a subsidiary of the world’s second-biggest cement maker Holcim […]

UK writer and consultant, Richard Susskind, considered by many to be the world’s pre-eminent legal futurist, is coming out with a new book, The End of Lawyers?, in December. It’s a sequel to his 1996 best-seller, The Future of Law, in which Susskind describes presciently how IT would radically change the practice of law and […]

Canadian Environmental Regulations are getting stricter and broader by the day. We are here to help, but some companies are taking very proactive action (see this article from the Harvard Business Review). The first step to moving beyond compliance, is to understand the laws and regulations affecting your business – and even more importantly, staying on […]

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