Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Compliance challenges will only increase. Even though compliance improves efficiency and protects one from heavy penalties, it continues to be wrongly viewed by most companies as a cost of doing business rather than an investment. Companies therefore minimize the purchase of compliance software, data and services and tend to under-staff their compliance teams. However, as […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Could you start by explaining what the REACH regulation is and why the prospect of Brexit is relevant for this regulation? Simon Tilling: The REACH regulation, which stands for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals is the European Union’s landmark piece of legislation to govern chemicals on the EU market […]

You can now see your compliance obligations in a new format, called ‘Sheet View’. While before you could see your compliance obligations in a list format, with the new Sheet View you can see information about your compliance obligations like important dates, status, and review notes, all at one place. Additionally you can assess your […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Do you think Bill C-69, in its current form significantly changes the level of public participation in resource development and environmental decision making in Canada? Shaun Fluker: No. But it will certainly add opportunities for participation from the public in these decisions and there’s two reasons for that. One Bill C-69 is […]

This article discusses: The six steps to thorough regulatory compliance; and Ways to overcome the challenges you will face along the way Regulatory compliance is not optional. Failing to meet the requirements can have a significant impact on the long-term success of your company. Penalties and fines are just the tip of the iceberg; the […]

Here are a few noteworthy global EHS regulatory changes from December 2018. We cover EHS legislation and standards for over 90 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track legislative changes for specific regions, countries or jurisdictions, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and we […]

This is a list of select proposed EHS regulatory changes for December 2018 in the United States and Canada. We cover EHS legislation in over 100 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track EHS legislation in specific regions, jurisdictions or countries, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and […]

It was recently announced that Bloomberg BNA, a provider of EHS regulatory data and a reseller of STP and ENHESA data is phasing out enterprise licensing and moving to a user based licensing model. Bloomberg BNA offers a good product, but if you are looking for alternative options for a more cost effective and enterprise […]

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