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Excerpts Una Jefferson: Federal and provincial legislation in Canada require that companies take steps to prepare for a spill. Post a spill, how well prepared would a company be who is compliant with all these rules, but who has done nothing beyond that. Jonathan Kahn: I don’t think they’d be very well prepared at all. […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Could you start by explaining what the REACH regulation is and why the prospect of Brexit is relevant for this regulation? Simon Tilling: The REACH regulation, which stands for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals is the European Union’s landmark piece of legislation to govern chemicals on the EU market […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Do you think Bill C-69, in its current form significantly changes the level of public participation in resource development and environmental decision making in Canada? Shaun Fluker: No. But it will certainly add opportunities for participation from the public in these decisions and there’s two reasons for that. One Bill C-69 is […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: So I know this issue of the accessibility of standards and codes is one that’s very close to your heart. Why does this matter and how is access limited right now? Jonathan Brun: If we go back to the foundational question, which is, if we want people and organizations to respect the […]

Summary   Una Jefferson: I wanted to start by talking about the debarment process which plays a fairly big role in your book. How would you describe it as a tool for enforcing environmental rules? Abrahm Lustgarten: Debarment is a sort of an obscure, bureaucratic process within the federal government. Large companies like BP often […]

Summary Using the American standards for vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions featured prominently on the wishlist presented by the alliance of automobile manufacturers when president Trump assumed office, but when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposal to roll back these standards last spring, automakers did not endorse the move and several opposed it. […]

Summary Una Jefferson: Can you start by providing some context for those who might be unfamiliar on what the duty to consult is? Kate Kempton: First Nations have the right to co-manage and co-decide on how shared land, which is almost all of Canada, and resources are to be used. The duty to consult and […]

Summary In 2016 a coalition including environmental NGOs, companies like Burberry and Coca Cola, government agencies and investments and accounting organizations published the natural capital protocol. This is a toolkit, meant to help businesses measure and value the natural services they rely on and their natural capital liabilities, which include the environmental damage that may […]

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