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Available for users subscribing to the Clause Level Compliance Obligations module only, this feature allows users to isolate section classes and topics of interest. How to use it: Go to the Clause Level view of the document that you would like to filter. Use the Two drop down menus at the top left corner of […]

You can now quickly browse the changes to all of the legislation (not just what’s in your COs) with the new report on NimonikApp, New and Changed Documents. It contains the following columns: Jurisdiction Change Type – New Document, Revise, Amendment, Repeal Document – The affected document Links directly the the documents legislation page Amending Document […]

On November 15th, 2018, Nimonik was honoured to have Kate Page of TransCanada and Jessica Tran of TransMountain present at Nimonik’s first online EHSQ conference. Access the full recording here. In 2013, the National Energy Board of Canada introduced changes to the Onshore Pipeline Regulations that required companies to implement a robust management system and […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: So I know this issue of the accessibility of standards and codes is one that’s very close to your heart. Why does this matter and how is access limited right now? Jonathan Brun: If we go back to the foundational question, which is, if we want people and organizations to respect the […]

This is a list of select proposed EHS regulatory changes for November 2018 in the United States and Canada. We cover EHS legislation in over 100 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track EHS legislation in specific regions, jurisdictions or countries, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and […]

Here are some noteworthy and interesting global EHS regulatory changes from November 2018. We cover EHS legislation and standards for over 90 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track legislative changes for specific regions, countries or jurisdictions, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and […]

Summary   Una Jefferson: I wanted to start by talking about the debarment process which plays a fairly big role in your book. How would you describe it as a tool for enforcing environmental rules? Abrahm Lustgarten: Debarment is a sort of an obscure, bureaucratic process within the federal government. Large companies like BP often […]

Summary Using the American standards for vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions featured prominently on the wishlist presented by the alliance of automobile manufacturers when president Trump assumed office, but when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposal to roll back these standards last spring, automakers did not endorse the move and several opposed it. […]

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