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Below are the EHS updates for North America for March April 2018. To know the detailed analysis, please contact us. United States   Comment period extended regarding proposed user fees for administration of the Toxic Substances Control Act The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended for an additional thirty days the comment period for user […]

The European Union and the United States are major competitors on trade, technology, markets and skills. But which of the two better balances growth and environmental sustainability? Is there a clear winner? Below we have tried to settle the debate on one environmental issue, Air Quality. We compared the long-term air quality trends in the […]

MONTRÉAL, Canada — April 23rd, 2018— Nimonik, a fast growing company in the Environmental, Health and Safety compliance industry has released a unique feature to track and analyze EHS documents (regulations, standards, …) at the clause-level. The feature allows EHS managers to track their compliance with every requirement in a law, regulation or standard. They […]

  As the public is getting aware of the health implications of Dust/Particulate Matter and other pollutants, governments are expecting better pollutant management from industries. This guide provides a brief overview of a Dust pollution risk management plan for Construction activities as well as some best practices to help mitigate the impacts. Introduction Construction, an […]

Malak Rizk-Bigourd, PhD, Scientific Advisor and Quality Manager Ecomesure Indoor air has a variety of pollutants like: Biocontaminants (molds, pollen, dog allergens, cats, mites …). Chemical compounds (tobacco smoke, raw wood panels and particles, insulation, photocopiers, DIY or furniture products …)benzene, formaldehyde, etc. Fine particles (outdoor pollution, tobacco smoke, cooking, cleaning, combustion …) Carbon dioxide […]

Malak Rizk-Bigourd, PhD, Scientific Advisor and Quality Manager Ecomesure The French National Environmental Commitment Act made indoor air quality monitoring mandatory in the following institutions concerned with children: facilities for children under 6 years of age (crèches, day-care centers, etc.); recreation centers; educational establishments at the first and second levels (kindergartens, elementary schools, colleges, high […]

Malak Rizk-Bigourd, PhD, Scientific Advisor and Quality Manager Ecomesure Indoor air quality affects our health without us realizing it. We usually attribute non-specific symptoms like headache, fatigue, and irritation to job related stress or other factors but it is likely that these symptoms are due to poor air quality at the workplace. These non-specific symptoms […]

Air quality is a critical part of our well being and the pressure to improve it has been increasing. As populations have migrated towards cities and our use of vehicles has increased, air quality in our urban centres has degraded substantially. Today more than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and there are […]

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