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Times of crisis show the true nature of a system. COVID is laying bare our culture of non-compliance and recklessness. Introduction A report released today by the Canadian Armed Forces outlines a culture of wreckless non-compliance that led to many innocent deaths in Ontario aged persons homes. This is a symptom of a broken system […]

As the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions begin all around the world, companies are staring to return to a new normal for their business. This is an opportunity for risk & compliance to be at the table to bring a risk-based approach to business resumption. In this webinar we consider the 3 R’s of a post […]

All companies have procedures. The challenge is getting consistent adherence to those procedures. This is more important than ever with a hygiene crisis. Introduction Procedures, documents, bureaucracy, and training. Too often staff feel that they are being asked to comply with unreasonable and unrealistic expectations. Procedures written by teams in office environments are too often […]

This list will evolve and change over time, but here are some of the most important documents to follow to respect government requirements and keep your staff and customers safe from biological threats such as COVID-19. To learn more and implement a compliance program, contact us at Federal Risk-informed decision-making guidelines for workplaces and […]

Compliance programs are born with enthusiasm and gusto, but are often forgotten on a bookshelf and die a slow lonely life. Why? Introduction Compliance is complex. More than complex, compliance programs can become burdensome and are too often quickly discarded to the dusty bookshelves of a back-office. There are many challenges with compliance, but far […]

Here are a few noteworthy global EHS regulatory changes from April 2020. We cover EHS legislation and standards for over 90 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track legislative changes for specific regions, countries or jurisdictions, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and we […]

This is a list of select proposed EHS regulatory changes in the United States and Canada. We cover EHS legislation in over 100 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track EHS legislation in specific regions, jurisdictions or countries, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here […]

Over the past ten years management systems have become more and more complex – with risk modelling, convoluted procedures, sporadic training, operational simulations and even some nudge theory to get staff to create a good EHSQ culture. Nearly everyone knows that lean times are coming. EHSQ professionals will likely have to scale down their ambitions, […]

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