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Ireland, land of green pastures, great beer and complicated regulatory information. Introduction I once heard a story that Ireland only introduced postal codes in 2014. Prior to that, the only people who knew all the addresses were local postal offices. These local offices did not want postal codes as it would allow more mail to […]

Over the years we have seen organizations struggle to identify applicable regulations and standards for their operations. Most consulting companies and data providers organize regulatory information by subject areas such as Air, Waste, and Water. Documents may also be organized based on actions such as Reporting, Monitoring, and Labelling. Yet, in most cases companies do […]

Nimonik is inviting you to participate in the 2021 Internal Obligations Management Challenge Start 2021 on the right foot. Nimonik will be running a 40 day program to help you improve your management of internal obligations. We will have weekly assignments such as cleaning up your obligations register, adding meta-data and identifying accountability within your […]

Earlier this year the Novel Corona Virus 19 (COVID-19) began to spread across the world significantly impacting lives, businesses, and communities. This virus was something that most did not anticipate and for many would require working in earnest to reduce its spread and its effects. The first set of measures widely known as “flattening the […]

COVID related travel restrictions are forcing more and more companies to use third parties for their internal audits, but how do you know if your consultants are being comprehensive? With closed borders, locked-down cities and shuttered airports, more and more companies are having to explore outsourcing their internal audit work. Local consultants have to be […]

New standards in the textile industry are more important than ever. Every year, industry moves forward and more compliance obligations need to be met. Regulations and standards start with high risk industries such as chemicals, mining, and oil and gas, but inevitably continue until all industries are forced to improve. One of my favourite parts […]

This blog post is for those who want to understand how they can manage Compliance Obligations and receive regulatory updates that trigger Actions. The vast majority of companies do this with an old fashion newsletter and Excel, but this leaves a lot of risks, gaps and issues. Another set of people will opt for consultants […]

The famous management guru Peter Drucker stated, “First things first; second things not at all”. He goes on to explain that the order of the actions you engage in is even more important than the actions you engage in. When it comes to compliance with quality, safety or environmental requirements the first thing you need […]

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