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Excerpts Una Jefferson: So would you begin by just telling me a little bit about who you are and what you do? Mark Heilig: Absolutely. I’m the Director of Operations for Globe Performance Solutions which is a division of a not-for-profit Globe foundation of Canada, based in Vancouver, known for the Globe conference and trade […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: You told me a story about a job you did at the H.C. Starck factory in Massachusetts back in 1993, which I thought was a good story. Would you start by just telling what happened at this factory in 1993? Jim Joyce: In 1993, we had a process whereby we were reducing a […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: So Ontario just released a proposal which put some meat on the bones of the environmental plan that it released at the end of last year. And this included some emissions performance standards for large industrial emitters. There’s been a lot of commentary pointing at the similarity of the standards to the […]

Amendments to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights The Ontario government is making various changes to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) pursuant to Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency, and Accountability Act, 2018. Going far beyond amending budgetary matters, Schedule 15 of Bill 57 includes major provisions to amend the EBR which notably, includes eliminating the […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Would you start by telling us how Alberta’s System for ensuring oil and gas companies close and reclaim wells properly is supposed to work and how it’s worked in practice? Fenner Stewart: The regulator in question is the Alberta Energy Regulator and it uses a program, the Licensees Liability Rating Program to […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: To start off, why has ClientEarth China decided to prioritize this initiative of helping to build up China’s environmental courts? Dimitri: ClientEarth, is a fairly young organization. We’re about 10 years old now. It started in Europe. In Europe, unlike the United States, there were generally very few public interest lawyers working […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Federal and provincial legislation in Canada require that companies take steps to prepare for a spill. Post a spill, how well prepared would a company be who is compliant with all these rules, but who has done nothing beyond that. Jonathan Kahn: I don’t think they’d be very well prepared at all. […]

Compliance challenges will only increase. Even though compliance improves efficiency and protects one from heavy penalties, it continues to be wrongly viewed by most companies as a cost of doing business rather than an investment. Companies therefore minimize the purchase of compliance software, data and services and tend to under-staff their compliance teams. However, as […]

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