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With limited resources, time and capacities, organizations must prioritize their actions and make choices about how they want to deploy people and tools to achieve continuous improvement. Respect for environmental, health and safety are part of any modern organization. While we can all agree with that statement, the real challenge arises when we try to […]

Compliance is often perceived as a cost. Like many preventative measures from brushing our teeth to road maintenance – our human brains have difficulty calculating the true value of proactive action. For that reason, I absolutely love the John Oliver spoof trailer for preventative maintenance of infrastructure. The reason we have laws, regulations, standards is […]

Amendments to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights The Ontario government is making various changes to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) pursuant to Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency, and Accountability Act, 2018. Going far beyond amending budgetary matters, Schedule 15 of Bill 57 includes major provisions to amend the EBR which notably, includes eliminating the […]

Compliance challenges will only increase. Even though compliance improves efficiency and protects one from heavy penalties, it continues to be wrongly viewed by most companies as a cost of doing business rather than an investment. Companies therefore minimize the purchase of compliance software, data and services and tend to under-staff their compliance teams. However, as […]

It was recently announced that Bloomberg BNA, a provider of EHS regulatory data and a reseller of STP and ENHESA data is phasing out enterprise licensing and moving to a user based licensing model. Bloomberg BNA offers a good product, but if you are looking for alternative options for a more cost effective and enterprise […]

In this panel discussion, Kate Page of TransCanada and Jessica Tran of Trans Mountain Corporation share insights on how the regulatory compliance program at their organizations has evolved with time, the hurdles they faced, and some best practices to achieve thorough legal compliance. About Jessica Tran Jessica F. Tran is a Regulatory Advisory at Trans Mountain […]

Over the past 5 years, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices have improved our workplaces. Apps for every possible task have been created by large and small companies around the world, including audits and inspections. A few great apps have already saved countless hours for auditors and auditees who want to improve their workplace compliance […]

A couple of years ago, a new term in social media appeared: FOMO, which stands for Fear of Missing Out. This is due to the bombardment of activities and images on social media, which leads some to feel they may be missing out on life, an event or a person by turning away from their […]

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