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Picking the right solution for compliance management is trickier than it might seem. Here are some helpful tips. This post is written for EHS managers/directors, Risk managers/directors, and compliance officers who are trying to understand their options for compliance solutions. Introduction This post is written by a software vendor, but we have tried to remain […]

Over the coming weeks, Nimonik will be simplifying all the Actions in NimonikApp. All actions will fall into two categories: Internal Actions – these are created by users and are used to bring your organization into compliance with its obligations External Actions – these are updates and new obligations issued by governments, standards and other […]

Nimonik covers regulatory updates for over 390 jurisdictions, including 35 different countries. Nimonik prides itself on offering comprehensive coverage of these jurisdictions and capturing all the relevant regulatory changes within the Topics that we cover. We wanted to share some high level statistics on the sheer quantity of regulatory documents (acts, regulations, codes, rules, standards […]

Nimonik just completed its first Internal Obligation’s 40 Day Challenge! We thought it would be helpful to look back at what was covered and the lessons participants learned from their experience. As a reminder, the purpose of the 40 day challenge was to help organizations better tackle what we believe is the next frontier for […]

A proactive compliance monitoring system in China for regulations related to your products is absolutely essential. If you export to China, you need to be aware of changes to standards and regulations as they are constantly evolving and changing. In December 2020, the Chinese government changed a number of standards related to paint and the […]

Chinese regulations are constantly changing, if you import into China it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive and rigorous regulatory tracking program in place. The Chinese government just opened the market for foreign cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Previously, all foreign cosmetics had to be tested on animals prior to […]

Companies should prepare themselves for more active regulators in 2021 and beyond. With Brexit now resolved, Biden in the Oval Office, and a desire by the EU to position itself as an environmental leader, we are likely to see increased regulations and more importantly, more active compliance officers. A recent report by MetricStream outlined how […]

Legislation Update Notifications Nimonik offers two levels of regulatory information: 1.Law Level (Compliance Obligation) the documents you are tracking, which appear at the level of law, regulation and other documents. If a Compliance Obligation item changes, a Action is issued on your Actions page near the time of the in-force date, and the legislation is […]

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