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Did COVID-19 impact your internal audit function? Many organisations face budget cutbacks and staffing reductions while also increasing audit focus on health and safety. In a tough spot? You’re not alone! A new report by the Institute of Internal Auditors based on surveys of 1,572 respondents from 95 countries across the world that examines the […]

According to Forbes, nearly 70% of IT projects fail to meet their objectives – make sure your audit and inspection software is not one of them! Each organization is unique and is composed of many different roles. This post discusses some of the considerations when choosing an audit and inspection tool.  Please note we are […]

Public Private Partnerships have grown in popularity over the past 30 years. For a variety of reasons, governments prefer to offload the management (and risk) of large infrastructure projects to the private sector. In this transfer of responsibility, the government is also try to assure a certain level of quality, safety and environmental performance. In […]

Safety Moment A Nimonik customer, Concept Storage Solutions, helps businesses keep their racking and shelving safe and secure. They recently had a retail customer that received a tremendous amount of inventory into their warehouse from their retail stores because the stores were closed due to COVID. The warehouse staff placed this excess inventory on the […]

Organizations are required to systematically identify their compliance obligations along with the implications they have on their operations, products and services. Understanding the nature of these obligations and what is needed to meet them is essential to establishing an effective compliance program and contending with compliance risk. October 28th, 2020 10 AM EST Register Here […]

Nimonik recently completed a State of Compliance survey with 85 professionals from around the world, a number of interesting findings can be found in the survey responses. The majority of survey respondents have a compliance system. This short survey did not determine the extent or the quality of these systems, so I would suggest we […]

On the one hand, COVID has made us all realize the importance of systems, compliance and tracking of actions items. On the other hand, COVID has also put tremendous time pressure on our teams and forced us to get things done quickly and effectively. In the short term most organizations can manage and adapt with […]

Do you know your organization’s obligations? Regulations, Customers, Stakeholders, Corporate,… they all impose obligations on you. Do you have a master list? As they say in Latin, “Temet Nosce” “Know thyself”. As an organization the first step should be to identify and understand all of your obligations. As basic as this seems, very few organizations […]

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