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Managing compliance in your supply chain is perhaps one of the greatest modern business challenges. With complex multi-tiered and multinational supply chains, it is often a game of whack-a-mole to ensure your suppliers are compliant and up to par. To achieve compliance in your supply chain, there are no shortcuts. Relying on third-party audits can […]

To move forward, we must remember the past. Environmental and health and safety regulations are largely built on disasters and failures of our predecessors. A friend of mine recently brought up the numerous railway spills in the 1980s and 1990s by Union Pacific. These spills were mostly settled in 2000 and Union Pacific paid a […]

With limited resources, time and capacities, organizations must prioritize their actions and make choices about how they want to deploy people and tools to achieve continuous improvement. Respect for environmental, health and safety are part of any modern organization. While we can all agree with that statement, the real challenge arises when we try to […]

Compliance is often perceived as a cost. Like many preventative measures from brushing our teeth to road maintenance – our human brains have difficulty calculating the true value of proactive action. For that reason, I absolutely love the John Oliver spoof trailer for preventative maintenance of infrastructure. The reason we have laws, regulations, standards is […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Tell us a little bit about your book Forces of Nature and why you wanted to write it? Chúk Odenigbo: I was in a city park in Montreal at midnight one night and I just had this flashing moment where I was like, this is exactly what needs to happen. It was […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: Would you start by telling a bit about who you are and what you do as a riverkeeper? Brent Walls: Sure. My name is Brent Walls. I am the Upper Potomac river keeper for Potomac River keeper network. Our organization resides in DC. However, riverkeepers, are in our designated regions of the […]

Excerpts Una Jefferson: How are drones being used these days for health and safety inspections in the United States? Adele Abrams: Well, this is definitely a new area that is being explored by the US government, both on the occupational safety and health side and as well as on the mine safety and health side. […]

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