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About Claudia Bach

Claudia Bach is a well-known business owner and Standards Expert.  She was raised in Sacramento, California, graduated from high school in Bangkok, Thailand, and got her degree in piano performance from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

Ms. Bach has owned Document Center Inc. since January 1985.  During that time, she has presided over the development of Document Center from an idea in a garage into an internationally respected standards distribution service.

The company pioneered the use of the web for the distribution of standards and standards information.  Launching it’s first website in 1993, the company significantly influenced information organizations as diverse as Dialog and Information Express to Standards bodies such as ISO (the International Standards Organization) and ANSI (the American National Standards Institute).

The Ziff Davis publication PC Computing magazine included Document Center as one of the approximately 400 sites on it’s “Road Map to the Internet” in September, 1994.  Forbes magazine highlighted the company in it’s February 27, 1995 ASAP supplement as one of “three companies with stakes in the Net biz game…”  They quoted, “Claudia Bach…says she would have had to be ‘brain-dead’ not to put her company on the World Wide Web.”

Document Center was assisted by Marc Fleischmann, then at EIT in Palo Alto, in setting up the site.  Fleischmann and the others at EIT felt that the Internet was a kind of “Field of Dreams—build it and they will come.”  Bach decided to take a more proactive route.

Thanks to the ANSI SDSC, Standards and Data Services Committee, there was a forum for advocacy of the new technology as early as 1993.  Ms. Bach played a pivotal role in educating the standards community about the benefits and technology involved in getting Standards and Standards information on the Internet.  Her demonstrations, training sessions, and speaking tours in the U.S. and abroad contributed to the early adoption of the technology.

Under Ms. Bach’s leadership, Document Center has continued to expand its products and update services to stay current with the needs of Standards clients.  SES, the Standards Engineering Society, recognized Ms. Bach’s contributions to the Standards Profession by honoring her with the status of Fellow of the organization in 2006.

Additionally, Ms. Bach has chaired the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Engineering Division’s Standards Committee, hosting the Standards Roundtable and the various sessions at a number of national conventions.  She had a continuing column in Intercom, the journal of the Society for Technical Communication, for many years and she has been a speaker at the SES and the SLA Annual Conferences.

Ms. Bach resides in San Carlos with her husband of 27 years.  She enjoys hiking, playing the piano for pleasure, traveling and cooking.