Full Integration of Templegate EHS Regulatory Services

Jonathan Brun

It gives us great pleasure to announce that both of Templegate’s compliance publications, Canadian Environmental and Regulatory Compliance News (CERCN) and Environmental, Health and Safety Regulatory Alerts (EHSRA), will be fully integrated into the Nimonik service and software products offered by Nimonik inc., – a Canadian-owned company based in Montréal.

Templegate Information Services publications will be fully integrated into Nimonik’s robust compliance solution for standards and regulations by the end of 2023. The Templegate solutions will sit within the Nimonik service of regulatory updates and newsletters for EHS professionals.

The complete transition of these services will take place on December 31, 2023 and current Templegate subscribers are encouraged to contact Nimonik at info@nimonik.com for further information.

For many years now, Templegate subscribers have requested that we enhance our existing service by introducing digital tools that would permit the customization necessary to efficiently meet the compliance needs of individual customers. It gives us great pleasure, therefore, to jointly announce this new stage in the process of continual improvement. 

The acquisition comes at a pivotal time for industry and businesses striving to improve their compliance programs, regulatory monitoring and ESG reporting. Nimonik’s software solutions allow organizations to meet all those requirements more effectively.


 1. What does the acquisition of Templegate Information Services mean for Nimonik?

The acquisition of Templegate Information Services expands Nimonik’s compliance coverage and strengthens its position as the leading provider of comprehensive compliance management solutions in Canada. It combines Nimonik’s cutting-edge software solutions with Templegate’s extensive regulatory knowledge, offering EHS professionals unmatched access to specialized information and insights.

Some of the additional benefits that Nimonik will provide to regulatory and EHS professionals include the ability to:

  1. Customize your newsletter by jurisdiction, industry and topic
  2. Receive newsletter in PDF, Excel and HTML format
  3. Generate on-demand reports of regulatory and standards changes
  4. Manage your users: add and remove recipients.
  5. Each recipient can customize their newsletter
  6. Free access to Nimonik library, legal registers, action management and audit tools until March 2024!

This short video outlines the onboarding of Templegate subscribers onto the Nimonik system:

2. Will the Templegate brand name continue to exist?

Yes, the Templegate brand name will continue to belong to Judy and Lawrence, the founders of Templegate Information Services Inc. However, the Templegate brand will no longer be used to market any services related to EHS regulatory information. The acquisition solely focuses on services provided by Templegate, specifically the publications CERCN and EHSRA. Nimonik recognizes the value and reputation of the Templegate brand and aims to maintain its legacy of delivering specialized information to EHS professionals.

 3. Will there be any changes to the subscription plans and pricing?

Nimonik understands the importance of maintaining continuity for subscribers. The prices charted by Templegate had not been increased in over ten years. As such Nimonik will apply a small increase of 15% on the prices to adjust for inflation and for the additional services. Nimonik will offer discounted pricing on its main services to Templegate customers and a variety of more tailored services will be proposed to Templegate subscribers.

 4. How will the acquisition affect current Templegate subscribers?

Current Templegate subscribers can rest assured that their subscription and access to the regulatory updates newsletter will remain uninterrupted. Nimonik is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and will provide clear communication regarding any updates or changes that may occur in the future. Subscribers can expect continued excellence in delivering specialized information and expert regulatory analysis.