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Nimonikapp Auditing Software – Upcoming Improvements 

Dave Suske

Nimonik is happy to announce an upcoming series of improvements to our audit software. These upgrades stem from a mix of internal projects and from feedback sessions with our customers. We would like to thank those who met with our Customer Success Team and contributed some excellent ideas. 

These changes range from quality of life changes, such as auto save when entering information into the “Findings” field, to workflow improvements, including more options when duplicating audits and hiding unused audit templates. 

We will be rolling out these improvements in various stages, with the first batch of enhancements coming within the next two months. Here are some of the updates anticipated to be released in this first group:

  • In Browser: Auto-save feature when entering information to the “Findings” field of an audit question
  • On Mobile: Automatically select a Facility when starting a Scheduled Audit
  • On Mobile: Automatically add the title of the Audit Template when starting a Scheduled Audit
  • Audits with no corrective actions issued will now show “NA” instead of being blank

But wait, we’ve got more updates cooking. Here are a few of the updates that you can expect between now and the end of the year.

  • Hide older/unused Company Audit Templates without having to delete them
  • Option to hide completed audits
  • Pop-up alert highlighting missing fields when creating an audit
  • Improved visibility of customized audit field names 
  • Ability to add hyperlinks to Findings during an ongoing audit
  • Increase width of the Findings column when downloading Reports as a PDF 
  • More customization options when duplicating audits
  • Increase character limits of item and requirement fields

Finally, we have some larger upgrades we plan to reveal in 2024. These are in the early stages of development now, but here are some of the ideas we hope to implement in the near future.

  • Make the number of assessment options editable (increase or decrease total number of assessment options)
  • When sharing an audit with an additional user, send that additional user an email notification
  • Multi-select Filter for audit templates in the Problematic Items Report
  • Icon indicating which audit questions contain attachments already
  • Ability to rename/reorder audit template categories
  • Allow users to populate custom fields on audit start page
  • Improve look and customizability of Audit Report page. Make the audit report look better
  • In Browser: Ability to bulk edit audit items (assessments, findings, etc)
  • Create Company Activity Report in the same style as the “Company Audit Template Report”
  • Show full question text in problematic items report (truncation with (..) to expand)
  • Improve connection between internal actions and their audits
  • Improve Create Audit from CO feature (improve UI, questions, add option to audit a single CLCO from its page)
  • Add missing custom field types to audits and allow users to add custom fields to audit questions

This list is not finalized and we are excited to share more new ideas with you. We hope you are as excited about these updates as we are. 

If you would like to provide feedback on how we can continue to improve our audit tool, or any other aspect of Nimonik Compliance Management software, please contact suppot@nimonik.com. We appreciate your support and suggestions.