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NimonikApp latest improvements

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik is happy to announce a series of improvements to the layout of our CO Registers page. These changes will allow users to more easily locate and use a wide range of functionalities offered with the Compliance Obligations Module. Key changes include:

  • The addition of unique, UI-friendly icons 
  • The relocation of certain features such as “Adding Documents” and “Managing System Fields” to improve the look of the page
  • The simplification of the “Select All” button
  • The permanent display of critical time-saving tools such as “Edit”, “Delete”, “Duplicate”, and “Connect” 

These changes will go live on August 31st, 2023.

To see the full index of changes and discover where your favorite functionalities will now appear, please reference the list and images below. 

Current Layout of CO Registers Page

The following items will be moved and permanently displayed above the CO table:

  • Add Documents (1)
  • Add Row (2)
  • Add/Delete Custom Fields (3)
  • Manage System Fields (4)
  • Create Audit (6)
  • Connect (7)
  • Duplicate (8)
  • Delete (9)
  • Edit Selected (10)
  • Enable all CLCOs (11)

The “Select All” and “Cancel Selection” buttons has been merged into a single check box that will also be permanently available in the column header. To cancel selection (12) or select all documents (5) simply click on the checkbox in the top row of the table:

  • Select All (5)
  • Cancel Selection (12)

New Layout of CO Registers Page

Stay tuned for other improvements to the CO Registers Page, such as freezing the column headers, that will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions please contact your Nimonik Account Manager or email info@nimonik.com for general information.