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AI and LLM impacts on Regulatory Analysis

Jonathan Brun

The focus of this webinar is to zoom in on how Generative AI is transforming the landscape of regulatory analysis. While Generative AI tools have become everyday companions for personal creativity whether it’s enhancing images, creating captivating videos, or simply providing entertainment, the spotlight now turns to the less explored avenue – its role in professional context.  

One of the main challenges in regulatory compliance is understanding the specifics of regulations, including what they regulate, how they do it, and who they apply to. Nimonik has identified this challenge as a significant hurdle and is employing Generative AI to overcome it. Traditional approaches to this problem, such as in-house analysis and hiring consultants, are time-consuming, expensive, and often inconsistent. Generative AI is positioned as a solution to help in this context. It can perform tasks akin to those handled by junior regulatory analysts, thus reducing the workload on compliance teams.

Watch our webinar on AI and LLM impacts on regulatory analysis and regulatory data management. This webinar was held in July 2023.