Brazil EHS Regulatory Content Expanded for office spaces sector

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik inc. is pleased to announce an expansion of its regulatory, standards and news compliance coverage. Nimonik customers can now consult more documents, add it to their compliance obligations register, track them for changes and convert the regulations into audits. 

New Content

Country: Brazil

Jurisdiction: São Paulo (State)

Topics: EHS topics

Document Types: Legislation

Industry Sectors: Office Spaces

Some of the most important EHS documents we added include: 

  1. The State Code of Protection against Fires and Emergencies
  2. The Objectives of Industrial Development in the Metropolitan Region of Greater São Paulo
  3. The Legislation Related to People with Disabilities in the State of São Paulo
  4. The State Policy on Solid Waste 
  5. Control of Environmental Pollution
  6. Controlled Disposal of PCBs and their Waste
  7. The State Health Code
  8. The Regulation for Inspection of Explosives, Weapons and Ammunition
  9. The Sanitary Code
  10. New Air Quality Standards

Nimonik’s library contains over 550,000 compliance documents and increases every week as the team updates the library for over 40 countries and 600 jurisdictions worldwide. To learn more about our compliance and regulatory monitoring services, please contact us today at