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Nimonik Regulatory Library Enhancements

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik is happy to announce a series of improvements to our library of regulatory documents and industrial standards. This library contains over 500,000 documents from 30 countries and 342 jurisdictions. Sorting and finding relevant regulatory documents in such a large database can sometimes be a challenge. With that in mind, Nimonik has made a series of improvements to help our customers leverage the best regulatory compliance database on the market!

  • See obligations and requirements (CLCOs) in all available languages: Users can now enable CLCOs in any language in which they are available and receive updates.
  • Allow users to bulk add documents from the library page: All selectable documents now have a checkbox to quickly add documents to multiple COs at the same time
  • Multi-Select Filters: Select multiple filters when using the library page.
  • Preset Filters: When a user arrives on the library page from a CO, the filters will be preset to match their legal register/compliance obligations settings.
  • Hide non selectable documents: Non selectable documents are now hidden by default on the library page. In order to view these documents, users can now click on a toggle that has been added to the top of the page.
  • Show publishing authority/body: For certain jurisdictions, Nimonik will identify the publishing authority of documents (EPA, OSHA, FDA,…) in the following parts of the compliance solution:
    • Document page
    • Library page (filter)
    • CO Register (system field)
    • All new and updated documents report (filter)
  • Improvements to the Monthly Regulatory Report : New and Updated Documents Report
    • Email Report Improvements: improved clarity and readability of the report including:
      • Increased width of the table.
      • Changed the coloured column from ‘Document’ to ‘Change Type’
      • Added an ‘Update’ column which shows the action text associated with changes
      • General formatting and style improvements
    • Set preferred jurisdictions and change types for emails: Users can now customize their monthly new and updated documents emails by selecting their preferred jurisdictions and change types (more info)
    • Add filter and essential document column to report and exports: A new column has been added to the report that indicates whether or not each document has been flagged as ‘essential’ by the Nimonik content team. Essential documents are the most critical documents in a given jurisdiction. Users can also filter the report so that only essential documents are shown (more info).