Nimonik expands its EHS compliance coverage in Canada

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik has added a “News” section to its coverage of regulatory compliance in Canada. Though Nimonik services companies around the world, we are based in Canada and service a substantial portion of Canadian industrial facilities. As such, we are increasing our scope of coverage in Canada to include important news that affects environmental, health and safety compliance programs.

These documents include news releases, webinars, and short-term rates and fee changes related to environment, health and safety. The coverage is restricted to information that applies to companies and omits requirements which are specific to government or individual companies.

The “News” document type is unique from other types such as Legislation, Guidance, Industrial Standards, General (Gov) Permits, and Notices, Orders & Directives. While those document types may have a long term impact for companies, the “News” documents have a limited historical value. Nimonik is striving to identify, collate, analyze and publish news shortly after government publication so companies can take appropriate action.

Nimonik has already begun covering regulatory compliance news in Alberta, with recent examples including the 2023 Spring Conventional Oil and Gas Webinar (March 2023), Bulletin 2023-17: New Functionality Moving to OneStop, Bulletin 2023-18: Monitoring for Snowmelt and Overland Flooding, and Oil sands monthly royalty rates information – Production month: March 2023.

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Nimonik’s regulatory and standards compliance management software coverage is expanding rapidly. Nimonik plans to extend our coverage of News to include British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Canada Federal, and Ontario by the end of April. Comprehensive coverage of EHS-related compliance “News” for all Canadian provinces will be available by the end of May.