Compliance Insights December 2022

Jonathan Brun

Happy New Year to all Nimonik readers, we wish you a compliant, safe and productive 2023!

To start the year off with some good news, Nimonik heartily congratulates 3M for deciding to stop production of “forever chemicals” by 2025 – this is a step in the right direction. Forever chemicals are coming under increased regulatory scrutiny in the US and in Europe and 3M has made the decision to simply avoid the issue (in future production) by halting production. For example,  the EU has laid out a strategy to phase out non-essential PFAS uses 2030. In the US, many states are starting to regulate and they are targeting the biggest producers first. 

Even though 3M will stop production, they and other companies still have to do major cleanup of various sites where forever chemicals have contaminated the soil or water. They will also likely have a reporting burden for decades to come. To learn more about forever chemicals, I recommend the film Dark Waters about the lawsuits surrounding these chemicals and this article about forever chemicals in Europe.

To stay on top of regulatory changes that affect your business, contact Nimonik today at to implement a centralized and systematic approach to compliance management.

Erratum: In our last newsletter, we mentioned Qatar had brought in 30,000 migrant workers. In fact, Qatar has over 2,000,000 non-Qatari workers in the country and about 20% of them are involved in the construction industry. We regret our error.

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NimonikApp Product Updates

Nimonik is focused on helping you identify your compliance obligations and manage them effectively. The product changes below are designed to make NimonikApp easy to use and a powerful tool to reduce your compliance risk. 

We have recently made the following changes:

  • Allow users to add attachments to audits: Users can now add attachments to their audits on the edit page. These attachments will be visible in the audit report, and (coming soon) at the top of the audit page (more info)
  • Enable CLCOs in bulk: Users can now select multiple documents in their COs, and enable CLCOs for them as a bulk action (more info)
  • Improve user menus in COs and CLCOs: The responsible party and user type custom field drop-downs on the CO and CLCO pages have been updated so that they now include the following (more info):
    • All account administrators
    • General and restricted users that appear in the ‘Share with’ field on the CO edit page
    • User teams that appear in the ‘Share with’ field on the CO edit page
  • Internal actions page improvements: The internal actions page has been adjusted to match the external actions page. Users will not be able to see all of the actions that they have access to. In order to allow users to find their own actions quickly, the page is filtered by default for the actions that are assigned to them. This change fixes a bug that was causing incorrect internal actions counts to appear for general and restricted users in COs and CLCOs (more info)

Important upcoming changes:

  • Improvements to monthly digest email: We will be making a number of improvements to the monthly digest email, including:
    • Allowing users to set jurisdiction and change type preferences
    • Improving the layout
    • Including a summary of the update
    • Showing more changes
  • Introduce “Author”: For certain documents, we will soon be showing the name of the publishing authority
  • Usability improvements for COs and CLCOs: We will be making a number of improvements to COs and CLCOs including:
    • Making responsible party menus auto-complete
    • Adding document status and links to the documents page to exports
    • Improving the add-document workflow

See all the details here: NimonikApp release notes

Nimonik for iOS is updated, Download it here

Nimonik for Android is updated, Download it here

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