EHS Regulatory Change Update Speed Improvement

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik is very happy to announce that our update speeds for over 400 jurisdictions around the world are now faster than ever. The new speeds for receiving regulatory change action items is outlined below. To learn more, have a look at our support page or contact us at

Legislation is defined as documents enacted by a legislative body or other governing body, it excludes documents issued by regulatory bodies that do not go through a consultative or deliberative process. Most regulations go through a consultative process and are therefore called legislation, even if they may be labelled as regulations, codes, statutes, rules or other terminology.

  • Federal Canada & U.S. Legislation – Every 2 weeks
  • Federal Canada & U.S. non-Legislation and municipalities – Every 3 -6 months
  • Provincial Canada – Every 2 weeks
  • State U.S. – 2 weeks – 1 month depending on the State
  • China documents: weekly
  • Other jurisdictions Legislation – 1 month
  • Other jurisdictions Non-Legislation municipalities – 3 to 6 months

Clause Level

Clause level updates are issued 3-4 weeks after the consolidated document is made available by the government. If no consolidated document is available, amending documents may or may not be offered at clause level depending on materiality of the change.