Aluminum Stewardship Institute ASI Performance Standard Legal Compliance

Jonathan Brun

In 2017, the Aluminum Stewardship Institute introduced a series of standards for the industry. Among the standards for chain of custody and other issues, they published the principle standard: ASI Performance Standard.

This standard outlines a number of requirements for companies operating in the industry. When it comes to legal compliance, certified companies are expected to:

Legal Compliance. The Entity shall have systems in place to maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with Applicable Law.

The definition used by the standard for Legal Compliance is as follows:

Refers to the procedures, systems or departments within organisations that ensure all legal, operational and financial activities are in conformity with current laws, rules, norms, regulations, standards and public expectations. (Adapted from Transparency International Anti-Corruption Glossary)

To achieve this level of legal compliance, an Excel sheet will simply not suffice. It is critical that Aluminum producers, refiners and suppliers implement a robust compliance program that links their obligations and legal to internal controls such as policies, procedures, contracts and stakeholder engagements. With a robust system in place, Aluminum producers can ensure their operations are compliant with the ASI standards and more importantly – that they are continuously in compliance with a robust regulatory compliance program.